A Donut poem


A Donut poem


Oh, donut, orb of sweet delight, Your golden form, a sugared sight.

A ring of joy, a hole of sin, A frosted dream to draw me in.

From cake shops warm, your fragrance floats, Of yeast and glaze, a tempting note.

Vanilla, chocolate, sprinkles bright, A rainbow dance of pure delight.

Your texture, soft, a pillowy cloud, With each sweet bite, a pleasure loud.

Glaze glistening, a sticky sheen, Melting on lips, a sugar queen.

You fill the hand, a comfort round, A moment snatched, on worries unbound.

With coffee’s warmth, a perfect pair, A morning bliss, beyond compare.

But you, dear donut, are not just treat, A metaphor, oh so bittersweet.

Of life’s short span, a fleeting ring, A taste of joy, before it takes wing.

So let us savor every bite, And relish life, both dark and bright.

For like the donut, sweet and brief, Our days are numbered, time a thief.

So raise a donut, raise a smile, And let life’s sweetness linger a while.

A Donut Poem by Google Gemini