Doughnuts with cars


There are donuts that you cannot eat, believe it or not!

Donut beard


A donut beard is a goatee beard that is shaved to form a “donut” shape around the mouth.

Although you cannot eat a donut beard, you can eat a donut with a donut beard. But, if you enjoy cream donuts it may be a good idea to keep a napkin in the other hand!

Donut with a car

Donuts you can't eat. Car tire donuts

Doing donuts with a car (doughie) means driving a car in tight circles to create black skid marks in circles (donuts) on the tarmac.


Donuts you can't eat. Doughnutting in parliament. Source BBCParliament on Twitter

Doughnutting in Parliament.
Img Source: @BBCParliament

A practice in the British Parliament of members of parliament of a party is to sit, and “crowd” around a speaker to create the impression on TV that there are more members supporting the speaker than there really are.

People will say it is an appropriate term as the “hole” is in the middle surrounded by dough and icing!

You donut!

Donuts you can't eat. Donut face for an idiot

Someone who did something very stupid or who lacks common sense.

Calling someone a donut is a “soft” insult traditionally used in the workplaces of southern England.

Donut slime

Donuts you can't eat. Donut slime

Donut slime is a play slime that can be formed into donut shapes and appearances.

Doughnut slime recipe.

Recipe for real donuts.

Donut Pillows

Donut pillows are medical pillows used to relieve tailbone pain.

It prevents pressure injuries and is used for medical purposes such as pain and discomfort relief in sufferers of hemorrhoids.

  • Donut hole:
    • The hole in the middle of a donut is not edible.
    • It is usually filled with air or dough scraps.
  • Donut glaze:
    • The glaze on a donut is made of sugar and water.
    • It can be quite sticky.
    • If you eat too much of it, it can make you feel sick.
  • Donut sprinkles:
    • Donut sprinkles are made of sugar and food coloring.
    • They can be a choking hazard.
    • It is best to eat them in moderation.
  • Donut frosting:
    • Donut frosting is made of sugar, butter, and milk.
    • It can be quite high in calories.
    • If you are watching your weight, it is best to eat donuts without frosting.
  • Poppy seeds on donuts:
    • These are the small, black seeds sometimes found on top of certain types of donuts.
    • They are edible and not poisonous.
    • However, consuming them in large quantities ( much more than on a dozen donuts!) could potentially affect drug test results.

Other Donut-Related Items YOU CAN”T EAT

  • Donut scented candles:
  • These candles are scented like donuts, but they are not edible.
  • Donut shaped stress balls:
  • These stress balls are shaped like donuts, but they are not made of dough.
  • Donut themed clothing:
  • This clothing is decorated with donuts, but it is not made of dough.
  • Donut themed home decor:
  • This home décor is decorated with donuts, but it is not made of dough.


The concept of non-edible donuts is not just a quirky or whimsical notion; it reflects a broader cultural fascination with the shape and symbolism of donuts.

In Japan and some other countries, for example, the donut shape is used in various items, from pillows to accessories, indicating a universal appeal.


The donut shape has a certain psychological comfort.

The circular form evokes a sense of completeness and unity.

This might explain why people find objects like donut pillows or donut slime so appealing.

Psychologists have studied shapes and their impact on human emotions, and circles often symbolize harmony and protection.


From ancient symbols like the ouroboros (a snake eating its tail) to modern engineering marvels like the Large Hadron Collider, the donut shape is more than just a form; it’s a representation of infinity and continuity.

The evolution of this shape in popular culture signifies its universal resonance across different fields and subjects.