81 Donut flavors is our list of 81 donut flavor favorites and their key ingredients, origin, and spice level.

This list of nearly 100 flavors takes you on a wild ride through the world of donuts, from classic favorites to present day surprises.

Whether it’s the simple pleasure of a sugar donut or the rich indulgence of a Boston Cream, each flavor has its own story and fan base.

This table gives an overview of the cultural diversity in donut flavors, showcasing regional specialties like maple cream, apple cider and pistachio, illustrating how this humble pastry has been embraced and adapted by various cultures around the globe.

81 Donut flavors
No.FlavorKey IngredientsOrigin/RegionSpice Level
1GlazedSugar glazeGeneralNone
2Chocolate FrostedChocolate icingGeneralNone
3Boston CreamCustard filling, chocolate icingBoston, USANone
4JellyFruit jelly fillingGeneralNone
5Old FashionedNutmeg, sour creamUSAMild
6Powdered SugarPowdered sugarGeneralNone
7Cinnamon SugarCinnamon, granulated sugarGeneralMild
8MapleMaple syrup glazeNorth AmericaNone
9BlueberryBlueberry glaze, blueberry bitsGeneralNone
10Strawberry FrostedStrawberry icing, strawberry bitsGeneralNone
11Vanilla FrostedVanilla icingGeneralNone
12Apple CiderApple cider, cinnamon, nutmegNorth AmericaMild
13Lemon GlazedLemon zest, lemon juice glazeGeneralNone
14Raspberry GlazedRaspberry glazeGeneralNone
15Chocolate GlazedChocolate glazeGeneralNone
16Salted CaramelCaramel glaze, sea saltGeneralNone
17Peanut ButterPeanut butter glazeGeneralNone
18Pumpkin SpicePumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clovesNorth AmericaMedium
19Almond JoyChocolate, almonds, coconut flakesGeneralNone
20Bacon MapleMaple syrup glaze, bacon bitsNorth AmericaNone
21CoconutCoconut flakesTropical RegionsNone
22S’moresChocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker crumbsUSANone
23MochaChocolate, coffeeGeneralNone
24Red VelvetCocoa, buttermilk, red food coloringSouthern USANone
25TiramisuCoffee, mascarpone, cocoa powderItalyNone
26Green TeaMatcha powderEast AsiaNone
27Birthday CakeCake batter flavor, sprinklesGeneralNone
28Chocolate MintChocolate, peppermint extractGeneralNone
29Honey GlazedHoney glazeGeneralNone
30ButtercreamButtercream frostingGeneralNone
31Caramel AppleCaramel glaze, apple piecesGeneralNone
32ChurroCinnamon, sugar, butterSpain/Latin AmericaMild
33Pecan PiePecans, caramel, molassesSouthern USANone
34EspressoEspresso glazeGeneralNone
35Key LimeKey lime filling, lime zest glazeFlorida, USANone
36Banana CreamBanana cream filling, vanilla glazeGeneralNone
37Blackberry GlazedBlackberry glazeGeneralNone
38Orange CreamsicleOrange zest, vanilla cream fillingGeneralNone
39HazelnutHazelnut spreadGeneralNone
40White ChocolateWhite chocolate glazeGeneralNone
41PeppermintPeppermint icingGeneralNone
42ButterscotchButterscotch glazeGeneralNone
43GingerbreadGinger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloveEuropeMedium
44MargaritaLime zest, tequila-flavored glazeMexicoNone
45PomegranatePomegranate glazeMiddle EastNone
46CherryCherry filling, icingGeneralNone
47Lemon Poppy SeedLemon zest, poppy seedsGeneralNone
48Pineapple Upside DownPineapple, caramel, cherryUSANone
49Rum RaisinRum-soaked raisins, cinnamon glazeCaribbeanMild
50PistachioPistachio bits, almond extractMiddle EastNone
51LavenderLavender extract, lemon glazeMediterraneanNone
52Caramel LatteEspresso, caramel icingGeneralNone
53MangoMango glaze, mango piecesTropical RegionsNone
54Dark ChocolateDark chocolate icingGeneralNone
55Earl GreyEarl Grey tea infused icingEnglandNone
56Strawberry LemonadeStrawberry and lemon zest glazeGeneralNone
57NutellaNutella spreadItalyNone
58Cookie DoughCookie dough filling, chocolate chipsUSANone
59AlmondAlmond slices, almond extractGeneralNone
60Spiced AppleApple filling, cinnamon, nutmegNorth AmericaMild
61Matcha Green TeaMatcha powder, white chocolate glazeEast AsiaNone
62Rose & PistachioRosewater, crushed pistachiosMiddle EastNone
63Orange GingerOrange zest, gingerGeneralMild
64Vanilla BeanVanilla bean glazeGeneralNone
65Pear CardamomPear puree, cardamom spiceMiddle EastMild
66Blueberry LemonBlueberry filling, lemon icingGeneralNone
67White Chocolate RaspberryWhite chocolate glaze, raspberry drizzleGeneralNone
68Peach CobblerPeach filling, cinnamon, brown sugar crumbleSouthern USAMild
69Caramel PecanCaramel glaze, chopped pecansNorth AmericaNone
70Chocolate OrangeChocolate icing, orange zestGeneralNone
71Chai SpiceChai spices (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves)South AsiaMedium
72Black ForestChocolate, cherries, cream fillingGermanyNone
73Lemon BlueberryLemon glaze, blueberry fillingGeneralNone
74Chocolate BananaChocolate glaze, banana slicesGeneralNone
75MojitoLime zest, mint, rum flavorCubaNone
76Raspberry CheesecakeRaspberry filling, cream cheese icingGeneralNone
77Apple SpiceSpiced apple filling, cinnamon icingNorth AmericaMild
78Cherry ChocolateCherry filling, chocolate icingGeneralNone
79Vanilla ChaiVanilla bean, chai spicesSouth AsiaMild
80Blueberry BasilBlueberry glaze, basil leavesGeneralNone
81SnickerdoodleCinnamon sugar, buttery doughUSAMild

This is our short list of 81 donut flavors. It does not include the world’s most expensive donut, the 24-carat gold covered donut.

There are as many flavors as there are people with different tastes. Why don’t you create your own donut flavor based on your taste preferences and make the donut world richer?