Donut flavors and styles include any flavor you can imagine, because that can become a donut flavor.

But there are some flavors that have captured the taste buds of the masses.

Flavor is the combination of taste and smell, and style is the visual appearance so, donuts lend themselves to creating a wide range of flavors and styles.

What donut flavors are there?

When they refer to the flavor of a donut, many donut lovers include color and texture as flavors. Color and texture are actually not part of the flavor. If it does not have a distinctive taste or smell it isn’t a donut flavor but rather a style of donut.

Here are some of the most popular donut flavors in the USA.

Chocolate donuts

Donut flavors and styles
Chocolate donut

Usually referred to as chocolate glazed donuts this is one of the most popular donut flavors in the country. It’s a classic that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Cinnamon Sugar

Traditional cinnamon sugar donut

The cinnamon sugar donut is an original donut and is one of the popular donut flavors in the USA. It’s a simple donut that is covered in a cinnamon sugar coating. It is a great treat for any day with a cup of coffee although the cinnamon makes it a cold-day favorite.


Many donuts are vanilla flavored because vanilla is a popular flavor with its distinctive sweet aroma.


Blueberry donuts are a great treat for any time and any occasion.

These donuts may contain blueberries in the dough or be garnished with blueberries, but either way, the blueberry taste will be prominent.

Cream donuts

Cream donuts

Cream donuts are mostly topped or filled with cream and only get the flavor used to flavor the cream.

This can be any flavor as the cream is flavor tolerant and goes well with virtually all flavors.

What donut styles are there?

  • Gourmet donuts
  • Glazed Donuts
  • Jelly donuts
  • Powdered Sugar Donuts
  • Boston Cream Donuts
  • Maple Bacon Donuts
  • Strawberry Frosted Donuts
  • Baked Lemon Donuts with Lemon Glaze
  • Chocolate Cake Donuts
  • Carrot Cake Donuts
  • Red Velvet Donuts


There are as many donut flavors as there are people with imagination.

Whatever your favorite flavor, you can bake donuts with that flavor dough or you can create a style that you like.

Donuts are one of the most flexible pastries available and that makes them a favorite with pastry lovers worldwide.

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